Munchmuseet on the Move: Trollkrem, 'TROLLKREM IMPORT'

A performance programme in five parts.

Trollkrem is an Oslo-based performance duo consisting of Jennie Hagevik Bringaker (b. 1978) and Tor-Erik Bøe (b. 1984). They represent one of the most exciting recent developments on the Norwegian performance scene. With an international and genre-transcending approach they create new spaces of interaction where visual art, music, dance, design and fun come together in a unique exhibitionistic form. TROLLKREM IMPORT is a performance programme in five parts that stretches over several months in the Grønland neighbourhood. Trollkrem have invited different artists and performers for each event, based on the composite social fabric that characterises this area of Oslo. People are invited to emerge from the shadows, get off the sofa or out of the closet to take part in experimental events that feature unique bodily expression, music, scenography and costumes. 

Period: 14 March – 3 October 2018.

Location: Different places along Grønlandsleiret.