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Experience Edvard Munch for a year! For those who are interested in art and culture.

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Summer exhibition at Ekely

The Munch Museum welcomes you to the summer exhibition at Edvard Munch's studio Ekely in Oslo. Shuttle bus from the Munch Museum to Ekely every Saturday at 13.30 PM.

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Munchmuseet on the Move

Experience different contemporary art projects between Tøyen and Bjørvika.

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BabyScream is a programme for those of you who are at home with a baby and looking to fill your day with ...

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Family Sunday with YoungScream

Bring along the children to the Munch Museum!

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Guided Tours

We offer a range of guided tours for our visitors.

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The Munch Museum's Magazine

Learn more about the museums exhibitions and activities in 2016.

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Edvard Munch Art Award

An international prize to promote the development of outstanding international talents in the field visual arts.

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Stockfleths' Coffee Shop

Welcome to excellent coffee and light lunch meals at our coffee shop in the museum.

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The Museum Shop

A varied and inspiring selection of products.

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Film about Edvard Munch

A useful introduction if you want to learn more about Edvard Munch's life and work. Duration 17 minutes.

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Audio Guides

The Munch Museum offers audio guides for a number of its temporary exhibitions.

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Curator Tours and Lectures

The Munch Museum offers a number of events in addition to our regular activities.

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Film Programme

Remember to stop by the film screening room before you visit the exhibition!

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Picture Hunting

Picture Hunting is a game for every child who visits our exhibitions.

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The Research Library

The Munch Museum’s library is a research library that manages the collection, including all documentation and ...

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Books and films

Learn more about Munch! An overview on the latest publications on Edvard Munch's life and work.

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Programmes for Schools and Nursery Schools

The Munch Museum offers guided tours for nursery schools, primary schools, universities, colleges and other groups.

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The Cultural Rucksack

The Munch Museum has for many years participated in the City of Oslo's educational programme ...

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The Cultural Walking Stick

Free guided tours and art class for Oslo seniors.

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International Exhibitions and Collaborations

Our work towards increasing knowledge about and interest in Edvard Munch internationally.

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About the Munch Museum

Following a short illness Edvard Munch died on the 23rd of January 1944, at home in his villa Ekely ...

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One of the Munch Museum's most important tasks is to generate new knowledge about Edvard Munch and his art.

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Conservation Work

The Conservation Department is responsible for preserving the Munch Collection ...

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We welcome the press and the media to the Munch Museum.

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Venues for Hire

Why not choose an art museum as the location for your next meeting or event?

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Sponsors and Partners

Do you wish to have your company associated with one of the world's most famous artists and Norway's national treasure?

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Concerts with the Oslo Philharmonic Orcestra

Experience one of the Oslo Philharmonic Orcestra's concerts in the museum's Assambly Hall.

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From the collection


From the archives

Art and Nature

Art is the opposite of nature.

A work of art comes from the inner soul of a human being.

– Art is the picture's form materialised through human nerves – heart – brain – eye.

– Art is the human craving for crystallization. Nature is the infinite realm from which art takes its nourishment. –

Nature is not only that which is visible to the eye – it is also the inner images of the soul – images on the back side of the eye.

The Voice

Your eyes are as large as half the sky when you stand near me and your hair with gold dust your mouth I do not see – see only that you are smiling.

​He looked at her

He looked at her

How soft her mouth is how naked
her bowed neck
Her eyes were in shadow but sparkled now and again in the semi-dark.

They looked at each other in silence for a while
and then she laughed so strangely softly an
affectionate smile.

Finally he saw only her dark blue eyes trees
the dark houses the water beyond and the downy grey
air and the faint moon behind all this
merely formed a frame around the eyes

Moonlight glides across your countenance

Moonlight glides across your countenance
that [is] full of all the earth’s beauty – and grief
Your lips are like two ruby red snakes
and filled with blood like the crimson fruit
– They separate as though in pain
A corpse’s smile For
now the chain has been linked which ties generation
to generation–

As one body we drift out onto
a great ocean – On lingering waves that shift
colour from deep violet to blood red

– and then the Forest began

And the Little girls – how they were like
Women and the Little boys how they were like Men –
– the Little girls – shy impish –
graceful and wily –

The Boys – awkward – arrogant – naive
and bold – they shuffled about
obeying Nature’s Law –

– and then the Forest began – the
young Nascent wood – light green
Small spruces – like small church spires –
taller and more robust until the Forest
appeared like a great sacral