Munchmuseet on the Move: Marjolijn Dijkman and Toril Johannessen, 'Liquid Properties'

Experimental nature film shown at an outdoor cinema.

Toril Johannessen (b. 1978) is a renowned Norwegian artist, based in Tromsø. She has been in dialogue with Dutch artist Marjolijn Dijkman (b. 1978) since they met in Belgium in 2009. They share an interest in how different ecosystems affect each other, and how changes in perception can give rise to new insights into a given situation. The new Munch Museum is being built on reclaimed land in Bjørvika – Oslo’s new, grand construction project on the waterfront, housing cultural institutions, residential apartment and offices. In this new ecosystem, the sea is redefined from a site for industrial production and trade to a recreational area. This development provides the visual backdrop for both the new approach to the sea and to the new borough. Liquid Properties is an experimental nature film that takes the brackish water where the Aker River meets the Oslo Fjord as an articulation point. The idea is to lift up and examine the microscopic life of the water to see what it reveals about the communities under the surface and the surrounding society. The film is shot through a microscope, and follows a poetic script written by the artists. The film is shown on a large screen, installed on the site of the new Munch Museum, and viewed from the shore opposite. This creates a unique screening experience as the water – the main protagonist of the film – floats between the audience and its visual representation. The artists have collaborated with, among others, the University of Oslo’s Department of Biosciences, section for Aquatic Biology and Toxicology (AQUA) and the Natural History Museum.

Period: 31 August – 23 September 2018.

Location: On the shore opposite the new Munch Museum, Bjørvika.