The Munch Museum


Munchmuseet Member

Experience Edvard Munch for a year! For those who are interested in art and culture.

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Munchmuseet on the Move

Experience different contemporary art projects between Tøyen and Bjørvika.

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The Munch Museum's Magazine

Learn more about the museums exhibitions and activities in 2016.

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International Exhibitions and Collaborations

Our work towards increasing knowledge about and interest in Edvard Munch internationally.

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Edvard Munch Art Award

An international prize to promote the development of outstanding international talents in the field visual arts.

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Concerts with the Oslo Philharmonic Orcestra

Experience one of the Oslo Philharmonic Orcestra's concerts in the museum's Assambly Hall.

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Film about Edvard Munch

A useful introduction if you want to learn more about Edvard Munch's life and work. Duration 17 minutes.

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Venues for Hire

Why not choose an art museum as the location for your next meeting or event?

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Visit Edvard Munch's studio

This summer you can visit Ekely and experience how it was during Munch’s days. An exhibition based on documentary material as reproductions, photography and audio-visual presentation will be open every weekend until September 25.

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