Munchmuseet on the Move

Munchmuseet on the Move is a four-year, off-site curatorial project of contemporary art. The aim of the project is to continue and develop the work of the Stenersen Museum in Vika (1994-2015), now part of the Munch Museum. Munchmuseet on the Move consists of two parts: a series of contemporary art commissions, shown in the area between the current Munch Museum at Tøyen and the new museum, currently under construction on the waterfront of Bjørvika; and a series of exhibitions connected to the Stenersen Collection of paintings, drawings and prints, curated and organised by Kunsthall Oslo at a new gallery in Dronning Eufemias gate.

The aim of the contemporary art programme is to establish relationships with the neighbourhoods the Munch Museum will be moving through on its one-mile journey down to the waterfront of Bjørvika.  The programme for 2017 consists of four art projects:

From Butter to Margarine 
This project takes the history of dairy production and distribution on Oslo’s eastern borough as a point of departure. Theatre director Pernille Lindstad and freelance curator Jenny Kinge have devised a two-part interdisciplinary play, in which each act is performed at a different site, historically connected to the production of milk and margarine. In the 1870s, the gallery 1857 was Miss Mathea Schøyen’s Milk Shop, and Theatre F was previously Oslo Margarine Factory, Aug. Pellerin fils & Co.   
Time: 16 February – 19 February
Locations: 1857 in Tøyenbekken 12 and Whitelight Theater F in Borggata 9
Curators: Jenny Kinge and Natalie Hope O’Donnell

Choreographer Martine Hammervold-Austinat has, in collaboration with musician Åse Ava Fredheim and lighting designer Silje Grimstad, created a dance performance in the skate park, Gamlebyen Sport og Fritid (GSF) by Dyvekes Bro in the borough of Old Oslo. Dancers Vigdis Langeggen, Kristine Steinsdatter Jensen and Vibeke Sæther have contributed to this site-specific performance, which reflects the physical potential and challenges of the first concrete bowl in the Skate Park, known as Gamlefar.
Time: 30 March – 1 April 
Location: GSF Skate Park by Dyvekes Bro, Gamle Oslo
Curator: Natalie Hope O’Donnell

Artist and KHiO researcher Merete Røstad has designed a custom-made bicycle used to collect oral histories from Oslo’s areas of Grønland, Kampen and Gamlebyen. The historical societies there form the basis of this relational approach, which began in the summer of 2016. In 2017, a “chamber” will be built outside the Munch Museum, where the stories gathered by the artist will be retold in the form of a multimedia installation based on the design of stereoscopic theatres. 
Time: 1 June – 27 August 
Location: Chamber outside the Munch Museum, Tøyengata 53
Curator: Natalie Hope O’Donnell
Seminar: 25 August, the Munch Museum

Rats – Secret Soundscapes of the City 
Parallel to the world of people is another bustling society – a world of rats. Some of their communication with each other cannot be registered by human ears, as it is located in an ultrasound frequency range (over 20.000 Hz). In a collaboration with nyMusikk, artist Jana Winderen will create a new composition based on the hypothesis that rats serenade one another with love songs. Winderen will record the sonic landscape of Bjørvika and slow the sound down to human hearing levels. The new, multi-channel sound piece will be installed at the mouth of Akerselva, where the river meets the sea in this rapidly developing district of Oslo. 
Time: 6 September – 14 October
Location: Outdoors by the Aker River in Bjørvika
Curators: Anne Hilde Neset (nyMusikk) and Natalie Hope O’Donnell (the Munch Museum)
Seminar: 22 September, the Munch Museum

Each project will be accompanied by a small publication, which will be available at the Munch Museum. For further information on the projects in Munchmuseet on the Move please go to the following links or see the events on social media:

Current projects:

The Munch Museum and Kunsthall Oslo: The Imaginist Bauhaus

Past events:

The Munch Museum, Whitelight Theatre F and 1857: From Butter to Margarine

The Munch Museum and UKS present: Amelia Beavis-Harrison and the duo Hanne Ramsdal and Rebekka Nystabakk

Fadlabi: På Gebrokkent II

Kai Fjell: Scener

Jon Benjamin Tallerås: wander ponder going yonder

Marte Ramm Fortun: Stones to the Burden

Marte Eknæs and Nicolau Vergueiro: Open 24 hours

Sofia Hultin: I’m Every Lesbian - Oslo

Conference: Spaces of Art in Oslo: Prosjekt i Gamlebyen - PiG (1994) revisited