Munch's drawings are the very foundation of his art. He drew incessantly and almost anywhere: while travelling, in cafés, at cabarets, outdoors, at home and – obviously – in his studio. He drew family members and friends, children and workers, members of the social elite and bohemians, mermaid and Madonnas.

Edvard Munch's drawings are published for the first time in this digital catalogue raisonné. A great majority of them are totally unknown, only a small selection has been shown in exhibitions. The drawings present an opportunity to become closely acquainted with Munch’s art and to gain insight into his artistic process. The Munch Museum’s work on the drawings is ongoing, and additions and changes will occur. The catalogue contains a total of more than 7600 drawings.

The drawings in the Munch Museum’s collection, as well as the more than six hundred in other collections, form an important contribution to our picture of Munch the artist. You see, I never use the wastepaper basket. I have used my suitcases –, wrote Munch to his friend Christian Gierløff. He kept everything from the merest doodles to the most accomplished drawings. And there was an ulterior motive in his leaving everything to posterity.

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