Munchmuseet on the Move: Martine Hammervold-Austinat, 'Fall'

The Gamlebyen Sport og Fritid (GSF) skate park is an oasis by Dyveke’s Bridge that combines creativity, diversity and community in Gamlebyen (Old Oslo). Fall is a project by choreographer Martine Hammervold-Austinat with music by Åse Ava Fredheim and lighting by Silje Grimstad, performed by co-creative dancers Kristine Steinsdatter Jensen, Vibeke Sæther and Vigdis Langeggen. 

Gamlefar (Ol’ Daddy) is described as one of the most challenging bowls for skaters due to its variable depths and the curvature of the landscape. Its surface is smooth, but its visual expression is rough in appearance. The dynamism contained in the concrete bowl is the point of departure for the dancers’ movement in the performance Fall.

The choreography for Fall reflects the physical possibilities and challenges of a skate park, accompanied by a sound track and lighting design commissioned specifically for the performance. The music has been composed together with recordings of GSF’s ambient sounds: the skaters, the workshop, graffiti-writing, traffic and noise from the nearby building site. The lighting design both challenged and supported the dancers’ continuous movement and physical expression through the basic principles of light and shadow. The performance was worked out as collaboration between the choreographer and the dancers – in the bowl and in the dance studio – departing from the skaters’ natural patterns of movement. 


Banner: Photographer: Orhan Kuresevic 

Film: Hulias Film

Performance: Thursday 30.3, Friday 31.3 and Saturday 1.4 2017

Gamlebyen Sport og Fritid skatepark, St. Halvardsgt 1B, 0192 Oslo

Martine Hammervold-Austinat (1987) holds a BA in Dance with Pedagogy, majoring in Modern/Contemporary dance from Norges Dansehøyskole in Borggata 7 in Oslo. She has choreographed a number of improvised stunts and site-specific dance performances in public space. She has also held three performances at Scenehuset in Oslo, in collaboration with Åse Ava Fredheim.