The Munch and Vigeland Grant

The grant encompasses subjects related to Munch's and Vigeland's art and as a rule is awarded to research projects.

Application deadline: May 15

Grants can also be awarded for research related to works that belong to the Municipality of Oslo's other art and culture collections.

In conjunction with the grant the recipient must give a public lecture, which is related to the theme of the research project and arranged by the Municipality of Oslo.

Criteria for applying:

  • The applicant cannot be employed in a scholarly/professional position at the Munch Museum, the Vigeland Museum, the Stenersen Museum or Kunst i Oslo
  • The project must have the character of being innovative in the field of research or the dissemination of research
  • The feasibility of carrying out the project within the outlined guidelines will be considered
  • The applicant must have a minimum of a Master's Degree from a university or college
  • Documented relevant prior scholarly work may be given priority
  • Residence in Oslo not required

Who can apply for the Munch and Vigeland Grant?

  • Artists, cultural administrators and scholars within all art forms
  • As a rule only individuals can receive the grant, but it is possible to apply for a grant for collaborative projects / artist groups, on the condition that all of the participants apply separately, with the exception of groups that are registered as an individual enterprise in the Brøynnøysund Business Register Centre.

The grant is administered by the Municipality of Oslo's Department of Culture. For more detailed information regarding application criteria and contact info see: Munch- og Vigelandsstipend