Contact information

Contact information for employees at Munchmuseet.

For press inquiries, please contact Director of Communications Gitte Skilbred:
gitte.skilbred (at)| 970 57 819

General inquiries

Postal address:
Postboks 2823, Tøyen
0608 Oslo

Visiting address:
Tøyengata 53
0578 Oslo

Telephone: (+47) 23 49 35 00

E-mail: info.munch (at)

For booking of guided tours: booking (at)

Museum Director

Stein Olav Henrichsen

Executive Assistant:
Ingvild Bratli Brunvoll (on leave from 26.04.2019)
ingvild.brunvoll (at) | 469 09 098

Katinka Troye (substitute from 26.04.2019)
katinka.troye (at) | 977 88 443

Exhibitions and collections

Director of exhibitions and collections: Jon Ove Steihaug
jon-ove.steihaug (at)

Curator: Kari Brandtzæg
kari.brandtzag (at)

Senior Curator: Ute Kuhlemann Falck

Curator: Trine Otte Bak Nielsen
trine.nielsen (at)

Senior Curator: Natalie Hope O'Donnell
natalie.odonnell (at)

Curator: Lars Toft-Eriksen
lars.toft-eriksen (at) (on leave)


Director of Conservation: Pedro Miguel Da Costa Gaspar
pedro.gaspar (at)

Project and planning

Director of Project and Planning: Cecilie Krokeide
cecilie.krokeide (at)


Director of Security: Joakim Eike Barane
joakim.barane (at)


Director of Learning: Gerd-Elise Mørland
gerd-elise.morland (at)

Market and Communication

Director of Market and Communication: Gitte Skilbred
gitte.skilbred (at)


Director of Administration: Henrik Spangelo Svalheim
henrik.svalheim (at)