Concerts with the Oslo Philharmonic Orcestra

The concerts take place in the Assembly Hall at the Munch Museum. The tickets give access to the museum's exhibition. You can buy your ticket at or on the Oslo Philharmonic Orcestra's webpage.

Program 2016:

Saturday April 2th: 3 pm. Bax, Jolivet and Cras.

Saturday May 7th: 3 pm. Brahms and Strauss.

Saturday September 3th: 2 pm. Rossini, Brahms, Fauré and Glière.

Saturday October 15th: 2 pm. Svendsen and Beethoven.

Saturday November 5th: 2 pm. Connesson, Rota and Ravel.

Saturday December 3th: 2 pm. Brahms.