Garden activities at Ekely

Experience Edvard Munch's studio at Ekely and fun activities for the entire family!

Edvard Munch's studio is open to the public every weekend throughout the summer. Explore the surroundings in which he created artworks such as Starry Night (1922–24) og Self-Portrait. Between the clock and the bed (1940–43), and take a look at the documentary exhibition of film and photographs from the period he spent at the estate on the outskirts of Oslo.

Artist and scenographer Jennie Bringaker has created an installation you can experience inside the studio. She invites you to participate in garden activities with a mask making workshop during a few Sundays spread throughout the summer months.

Mask making workshop

What are your true colours? Is your face green with jealousy and covered in feathers, or blue with melancholy, like a plastic recycleables bag? Use simple materials and your own imagination to design your own mask in the garden at Ekely.

Jennie Bringaker demonstrates how to use objects like buttons, tape, stockings and plastic bags to create strange, funny or scary masks. Perhaps there are hidden treasures in your cabinets or drawers that can be affixed to your new face? The masks can be used to play with or as a fashion accessory. You can hide behind it, or maybe use it to show the world who you really are.

The workshop is open from 1 to 3 pm the following dates: May 27, June 17, August 19 and September 9. Bring a picninc basket and enjoy a lovely Sunday in Edvard Munch's garden!

Jennie Bringaker re-creates Munch's studio

Edvard Munch haunts Ekely. It would be strange if he didn't.

The Munch Museum has invited Jennie Bringaker to reflect on what an artist’s studio really is. How does the fact that a room has been used as an artist’s workshop affect our perception of it?

Bringaker imagines what this room might have been like in Munch’s time, and stages scenes from his life and work. She will be present as a host at Ekely on the following dates throughout the summer: May 27, June 16 and 17, August 18 and 19, and September 8 and 9.

Visitor information

Edvard Munch's studio at Ekely is open to the public every weekend from May 27 to September 9.

Opening hours: 11 am – 4 pm

Adress: Jarlsborgveien 14, 0379 Oslo.

Free admission