Rooms with a View - Kirsten Astrup & Maria Bordorff

Kirsten Astrup (1983) & Maria Bordorff (1988) are an artist duo based in Copenhagen.

The commissioned projects for Munchmuseet on the Move (2019) take their starting point from the view from Bjørvika, where a new neighbourhood has emerged on the waterfront near new Munch Museum. The gaze may be directed outwards across the water, backwards into the history of the old industrial port or introspectively into the individual. Kirsten Astrup and Maria Bordorff have been collaborating for four years on site-generated film- and video works, installations and performance cabarets. They formally became a duo in 2018. For Munchmuseet on the Move, Astrup & Bordorff are creating a new video work based on the imaginary space of Bjørvika as a point departure. Their video draws inspiration from Per Krohg’s frescos at the former Sjømannsskole (school for sailors) overlooking the Oslo Fjord, which was completed in 1924. Motifs from the frescos will be brought to life in a film studio, created with their characteristic drag aesthetic, accompanied by a specially-composed soundtrack.

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