Munchmuseet on the Move and nyMusikk: Jana Winderen

In this collaboration with nyMusikk, Jana Winderen has created a new sound piece based on the communication between rats. The work will be installed underneath Nylandsbrua in Trelastgata by the mouth of the Aker River, and will be available from 08.00 to 23.00 during the autumn of 2017.

Parallel to the world of people is another bustling society – a world of rats. Some of their communication with each other cannot be registered by human ears, as it is located in an ultrasound frequency range – over 20.000 Hz. 
A stone’s throw from the white-marbled Opera house, and based on the hypothesis that rats serenade one another with love songs, Jana Winderen will record the ultrasonic landscape of Bjørvika and slow the sound down to human hearing levels. 

Location: Nylandsbrua, at the mouth of Akerselva