Edvard Munch's Writings

eMunch.no is the museum's digital publication portal for the body of written material that Edvard Munch left behind.

When the digital publication is complete it will include all of Munch's letters, notes, exhibition lists, literary texts, etc., in addition to the correspondence addressed to Munch. This material is accessible free of charge on the Internet in a versatile and searchable primary reference source for critical historical research.

The volume of Munch's writings is calculated at roughly 13000 pages, 90 percent of which are owned by the Munch Museum. In addition to Munch's own writings, 5839 letters addressed to Munch are also included in the Munch collection.

The number of letters addressed to Munch owned by others is not known.

The website eMunch.no has been developed by the Munch Museum. It is a digital archive of material taken from the Munch collection in the Munch Museum. The contents consist primarily of texts written by Edvard Munch and letters to and from Edvard Munch. The website has been developed with the help of project funding and with the museum's own resources over many years.

The English edition (eMunch.no/english) contains translations of a selection of ca. 1 100 manuscripts pages of Munch's writings. The selection is concentrated around Munch's literary sketches, his journal notes and texts related to art.