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Most websites use cookies. The use of cookies are sometimes the only way in which a website can function the way the user expects it to.

Cookies have several useful purposes for visitors to our website, such as the following:

  • Cookies enable your computer or browsing device to remember login-information upon repeated visits to the online ticket page, so that you are not required to log in every time unless you chose to do so.
  • Cookies provide us with information about what time you visit our website, how long you stay, which pages you visit, where you are located, and which browser you use. By analysing this type of information, we are able to customise the pages and provide you with a better experience when browsing the website.

Which types of cookies are used on this website?

Several different types of cookies are used on

  • Required cookies: These are necessary to enable you to navigate the website and use the online services we provide. For instance, when you add tickets to the online shopping cart, we use cookies to remember which products you have selected to purchase.
  • Functionality cookies: These cookies enable the website to remember the choices you have made (i.e.: user name, language or region), in order to provide a more personal user experience.
  • Performance cookies: These help us understand how visitors use our webpages. This information is used to create a general outline of how the website is being used, and to customise and adapt the various pages in order to give you a better experience when browsing the website.

The following third-party services place cookies on your computer or device when you visit

  • Google Analytics (Google Inc.) makes it possible for The Munch Museum to perform statistical analyses used to create reports to the City of Oslo, with information such as number of visits to the website, time spent on the website, and projected breakdowns of gender and age of visitors.
  • YouTube (Youtube Inc.) makes it possible for The Munch Museum to display YouTube videos on the website and view statistics on video performance.

How do I manage settings for cookies on my device?

Your consent is a prerequisition for use of cookies on all websites. A default setting in your browser to accept use of cookies is considered as consent. It is sufficient for you to give consent once to use of cookies for the same purpose. You always have the right to withdraw your consent.

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