Munch's drawings are the very foundation of his art. He drew incessantly and almost anywhere: while travelling, in cafés, at cabarets, outdoors, at home and – obviously – in his studio. He drew family members and friends, children and workers, members of the social elite and bohemians, mermaid and Madonnas.

Munch's more than 7 000 drawings are a treasure that very few know about. In January 2014 The Munch Museum started a three-year project that will culminate in a complete digital catalogue raisonné and an exclusive publication that will include a broad selection of drawings, an event that will make this important part of Munch's oeuvre known to a larger public and become an incomparable tool for Munch scholars around the world.

What is a catalogue raisonné?

A catalogue raisonné – or catalogue of artworks – is a complete, illustrated catalogue of an artist's work. In a catalogue of this kind each work will be represented with an illustration and title, together with information regarding dating, measurements, technique, medium, registration number, inscriptions, type of motif, exhibition history, provenance and so on.

If the artist's production is great and includes many techniques – such as in Munch's case – a catalogue is often published for each of the different techniques. Catalogues raisonnés of Munch's graphic works (2001) and his paintings (2009), together with the digital publication of his writings (2010), represent important milestones in the task of raising interest in, and spreading knowledge of Edvard Munch and his artistic career. The drawings are now the only important part of his artistic production that is still not available to the broader public. The fact that all of the drawings will be published on the internet will increase the availability of Munch's art and will become an important tool for Munch experts around the world, which in turn will lead to increased interest and further research on this important part of his oeuvre.

More than 90 per cent of Munch's drawings are owned by the Munch Museum, and the project will build upon the registration work that has already been carried out in the museum – of works in the museum's own collection, as well as drawings in private, or other public collections.


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