Munchmuseet on the Move: Sara Eliassen, 'The Feedback Loop'

Film programme, screen interventions and exhibition.

Sara Eliassen (b. 1977) is an artist and filmmaker, based in Oslo, Mexico City and New York. She has a playful, yet critical approach to how images and screen culture affect individuals’ understanding of society and themselves. 

Screens and moving images are ubiquitous in today’s society. Eliassen’s project The Feedback Loop explores the visual language used in public spaces and how the moving images we surround ourselves with affect our thoughts, gazes and movements. The project is based on the notion that the idiom of screens is not neutral. Looking at European tourist- and propaganda films from the 1920s and 1930s, in which fear and desire were used as tools to induce viewers to identify with nationalist visions, The Feedback Loop explores how some elements have travelled through film history and continue to be present in contemporary screen culture.    

The Feedback Loop starts at the Munch Museum with a series of film screenings, where a number of examples from cinema history will be shown alongside more recent films and video works that approach the topic from different angles. These form the backdrop for the artist’s own interventions into public screens in the area around Oslo Central Station. This material then culminates in an exhibition at Munchmuseet on the Move – Kunsthall Oslo.

Period: 19 April–16 December 2018.

Location: The Munch Museum, Oslo Central Station and Munchmuseet on the Move – 
Kunsthall Oslo in Dronning Eufemias gate 34.