Intermezzo – Munch and Modern Life in the City

As an Intermezzo between Emma & Edvard – Love in the Time of Loneliness and our next exhibition, Towards the Forest– Knausgård on Munch, which opens to the public on 6 May, we are showing a small selection of Edvard Munch’s works in the Museum’s festivity hall from 18.4-2.5.

The theme of the exhibition is the urban milieu as motif in the works of the artist and includes a variety of scenes both from his native Norway and its capital Kristiania (now Oslo) as well as from other European cities. These motifs contrast with Munch’s best known works from The Frieze of Life, where abstracted, pastoral landscapes often form the back-ground of the emotional plot. They also contrast with the large drafts for the decoration of the University of Oslo’s Ceremonial Hall, with their coastal landscapes, which are on permanent display in our festivity hall.

The exhibited works encompass a large part of Edvard Munch’s life as an artist, from the early 1880s until around 1930, and show a wide variety of the artist’s stylistic expressions. We encounter scenes as different as a fight in a small pub in a poor area of Kristiania and busy street scenes from Karl Johan Street, the frenetic atmosphere around the roulette in Monte Carlo as well as the swarming life on Berlin’s Potsdamer Platz.

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The Munch Museum was built in 1963 and is a small institution and have limited space with one exhibition center. Unfortunately we do not have space to exhibit more of the collection when we change main exhibitions.