BabyScream is a programme for those of you who are at home with a baby and looking to fill your day with something inspiring and stimulating.

On the first Wednesday of every month – excluding July and August – we offer guided tours adapted for postnatal groups, or those on maternity or paternity leave.

The price is NOK 60, which covers admission to the current exhibition for one adult + baby, including a guided tour by one of our expert museum guides.

The tour begins at 1 pm and is normally held in Norwegian. We suggest that you arrive in good time, as the tour begins punctually.

You are allowed to take your own pram into the exhibition if your child is less than three months old. Child carriers are not allowed.

Why not combine your visit with a meal at Stockfleths after the tour?

BabyScream tours are arranged on the following Wednesdays at 1 pm:

1 February 
1 March
5 April
10 and 24 May
7 June 
30 August 
6 and 20 September
4 October 
1 November 
6 December 

See also our continuously updated calendar.